Our Quality Goals

  • Collective participation with a holistic approach
  • Continuous development in the rubber industry
  • Not to deviate from international standards
  • Permanent quality assurance in the rubber industry both in Turkey and abroad
  • Full satisfaction of all our customers who we provide services


The first company
that occurred to the thoughts when the case reaches the rubber

Alpin Rubber and Plastic Technologies, LTD. Company, started its activity in 2012 in Chorlu New Industrial Zone, with a capacity of 20 tons/month in a 200 m2 closed area, with the production of the rubber profiles.

Alpin Rubber and Plastic Technologies has proven its presence in the sector by achieving great success for 10 years. As of today Alpin Rubber has established itself at a high level by exporting the products to lots of countries, constantly expanding its targets.

To provide high quality products to our customers from all segments of the society, to serve our country by creating job opportunities in the rubber industry, to ensure the continuous development of our personnel and to work in confidence. We are assertive in high quality, reasonable prices and fast services.

To produce rubber that is recognized in the international platform according to the world standards, following contemporary innovations and leading technologies, and taken as an example by other rubber organizations. To create a chain of rubber institutions that provide the highest quality products and services to all the customers in our country and abroad, meeting the all expectations of trust.